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Product2Market is a leading European Lead Generation Agency that enables high-performance organisations to drive revenues more strategically. Established in 2010, Product2Market has grown to become the “go-to” company for Solution Sales-focused organisations looking to grow market share across European markets. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, we are strongly positioned for access to multilingual sales talent and Tech-sector culture. As a company we have a strategic focus on performance, quality and client ROI.

Our approach to Lead Generation is driven by rich content, qualitative engagement and highly trained Sales people. We have the ability to dive deep into specific markets and target territories, to access the right level of decision makers to deliver maximum client returns. What separates Product2Market from all other agencies is our approach to high-quality Lead Generation. Our approach is a combination of Data, Systems and People in a process we call – TARGET | ENGAGE | ENABLE

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All of our client campaigns are built on a solid foundation of great prospect data. In most cases, Product2Market will build a target database to ensure the correct decision makers/qualification points are in focus at all times. We believe that maximum ROI can only be achieved by working with the right assets, so rich target data is an integral part of our service and the first way we deliver client value.

We have extensive data provider relationships across Europe and have the ability to source, append and enrich prospect lists to ensure our campaigns always have laser focus. Product2Market can perform “deep-dive” activity into specific industries, countries or role-types to build qualified, “opt-ins” for robust Inbound and Outbound Marketing.



At Product2Market, we believe that effective Marketing is about content, engagement and deep segmentation. In today’s world, B2B buyers make researched-based purchasing decisions. Our model ensures that the right decisions-makers are driven to high quality, relevant, meaningful content, which we analyse for coverage and engagement. Only then do we follow up with qualifying Sales calls to assess interest level, business needs, purchasing cycles and budget.

Product2Market’s approach to Lead Generation is driven by a process, which is designed to build awareness, appreciation and a desire to further explore suitability through prospect enlightenment.



We Enable Sales People to open relationships with prospects who have been qualified to agreed criteria, have been enriched through targeted/segmented content and have expressed an interest in progressing further into a Sales process. Our service can deliver a pipeline for Web Demos, Sales Calls/Meeting or Event Attendance.

Whatever your current Sales process, Product2Market can accelerate revenue performance and empower Sales teams to achieve greater revenue goals. At Product2Market, we deliver impact against traditional conversion ratios, AVO’s and coverage rates. We focus on delivering measurable and scaleable client ROI and manage consistently for Quality and Quantity.

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Business is not what it used to be , it is no longer localized to the area in which your office presides. We now have the ability to run various branches of a business from one solidarity office.  That means that depending on your business , one office in Dublin can reach customers in France, Spain, Germany and many more. Therefore we must start to realize the benefits of being a Multilingual company.

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As Product2Market continues to hire and recruit budding new graduates there is no doubt that today we see the importance and benefit of instilling a firm sales education within students from a young age.

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New Roles at Product2Market


We are growing fast and have number of Sales Development Representative openings on our EMEA Lead Generation team; do you speak any of the following languages? We recently launched our new positions and the announcement was welcomed by Irish Minister for Jobs, Employment and Innovation Mr. Richard Bruton.

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