Making Inbound Marketing More Effective

One of the most exciting things to happen to Marketing is the development of Inbound Marketing.

Being able to speak to buyers directly based on segmentation and persona, has enabled organisations communicate and sell more effectively.  In today’s B2B world, decision makers are extremely informed and are largely in control of the purchasing process. Without a doubt, Inbound Marketing is the most effective way of engaging with the decision makers undertaking web research for products and services. However, a great deal of our clients are market disruptors, meaning that they are selling into markets, which already have incumbent providers. 

It’s within this type of market setting that Product2Market’s approach really drives value. Our team can identify, quantify, qualify and engage with targets that are unaware that better value (features/pricing models) is available in the market. We enable market disruptors to pierce directly into very specific targets, then building interest/awareness through persona-based content delivery, resulting in pipeline being enriched with prospects that are outside of market research cycles – this would never have been funnelled through by Inbound Marketing alone.

If you are successful through Online and Inbound Marketing we should talk – we can develop your target market reach and help you disrupt your industry.