Meet The Product2Market Team – Len Brennan

For this month’s “Meet The Team” blog, we are speaking with Len Brennan, Product2Market’s Operations Director and Co-founder. We caught up with Len earlier this week to talk about his role within the company.

“Anthony (Byrne Product2Market’s CEO) approached me in late 2009 with a plan to start and marketing company focused on the technology sectors. We had known each other for a year from local market; he knew my career background was leading inside sales teams. Very clearly, we could see a change in the way technology companies were acquiring new customers and we saw an excellent opportunity to build a company focused on helping our clients grow new customer acquisition more strategically – so in 2010, Product2Market was launched.

So if I was to talk about my role day-to-day, it’s pretty diverse. I guess in essence, I’m responsible for the running of the operation, client delivery and resourcing and I also manage our relationship with our key clients. I run Operations and Sales, I also have five separate Team Leaders that report into me, but if I am honest, my passion is people and the growing of our teams. I am totally immersed and hands-on when it comes to our company culture and people joining our team. I like to spend time with every candidate before we make offers and I believe our bar is set quite high for new joiners. I guess related to this is my belief in the development of our team. Every member of Product2Market works to a personal development plan, I really feel a duty of care to our employees, and I ensure that they are up skilled and get the opportunity to progress through our company.

It really doesn’t feel that long ago when, back to 2011, our team of five people started out on our mission to be the leading Sales Development and Lead Generation Agency in the world, we are now at 50+ employees and plan on being more than 100 people by the end of 2016. The other area of my role I am really passionate about is the opportunity we have to engage with our clients. We really have an exciting client base who are literally changing the world with their technology and are some of the fastest growing companies on the planet – it’s exhilarating to get exposure and I get a thrill working to exceed their expectations.

We see all the segments we are in growing over the next few years and are very ambitious about the type of company we can build here in Dublin. We have an established foot-print within the SaaS community and we really have refined and improved our Sales Development / Lead Generation offering to be highly focused tangible output and client ROI”.