Meet The Product2Market Team – Lidia

Having joined Product2Market’s rapidly expanding family two years ago, Lidia has quickly become indispensable to the vibrantly multi-cultural environment.

If you were to ask her what her responsibilities are, you would find yourself very quickly lost, wondering how one person can keep so many plates spinning smoothly. Then again, to see how far Product2Market has come in the last two years, it’s a question of cometh the moment, cometh the woman.

“I’m from Poland originally and I moved to Ireland nearly 10 years ago. Before joining Product2Market I worked in HP, which is a large company in Ireland. It’s a much more exciting environment here [at P2M] as we have been growing so fast over the last 18 months”. Now after moving to a brand new office with even more capacity to expand, the sky’s the limit for Lidia and Product2Market.

Officially, Lidia’s title is Product2Market’s Office Manager. Unofficially however, her list of responsibilities increases at a fairly frantic pace. At the rate which Product2Market is growing and consistently taking on new clients, both in Europe and the US, Lidia has hit the ground sprinting.

Based in Dublin, Product2Market is a Demand Generation company that mainly deals with Multinational Technology leaders, but you won’t find anyone more in demand in this office than Lidia. Aside from managing the office day-to-day, Lidia also acts as Anthony Byrne’s (our CEO) and Len Brennan’s (Product2Market’s Managing Director) Executive Assistant. “I really enjoy supporting both Anthony and Len in their roles, they work very differently”.

“All the time, I am asked to help build reports for Len Brennan (he is very analytical and loves reports). Data is really at the core of our operation at Product2Market, so I had to learn quickly when I joined the company. I also manage Len’s diary to accommodate candidate interviews and client meetings. Len is very ‘hands on’ and likes to meet all potential team members personally because our company culture is a major thing for him.

Anthony on the other hand tends to be very fluid with his diary (which sometimes can present me with challenges) and he travels a lot, mainly between Dublin, London and the US. He has huge energy for meeting clients and at the drop of a hat will completely change his schedule to grab a meeting with someone, somewhere with little notice. Anthony seems to be able to operate with little sleep, so he always requests the earliest and latest flight possible to maximise his time to meet with people.

But the thing I enjoy the most [about working with Product2Market], is being part of a great team. It’s very interesting to see how people from different countries work together. We also have a fantastic range of clients, it’s exciting to see, meet and deal with some of the leading technology companies in the world.”

As Product2Market is constantly launching new campaigns, seats need to be filled. When Lidia joined the company they were just twenty strong. Now, barely two years later, the company are located in a brand new HQ and the team number is looking likely to reach sixty by the end of the summer. Most people’s first dealings with Product2Market are with Lidia, this is something she takes very seriously. “I feel like I am a brand ambassador for Product2Market. So, I try to get everyone what they need when they need it”.


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