Why Being a Multilingual Company Matters


Business is not what it used to be , it is no longer localized to the area in which your office presides. We now have the ability to run various branches of a business from one solidarity office.  That means that depending on your business , one office in Dublin can reach customers in France, Spain, Germany and many more. Therefore we must start to realize the benefits of being a Multilingual company.

For companies in Tech Sales such as Product2Market this element becomes even more important. To reach all potential leads for your customers, you need to have staff that are capable of speaking comfortably and fluently in other languages than English.

 There are many benefits to having a multilingual company:

 1.   Reaching a Wider Audience

What Sales or marketing team doesn’t want to reach a larger audience? Yes, we may want to target a specific audience but having employees on board from other countries, who speak various languages allows you to have a much greater reach on a target audience.

 2.     Building a rapport

Building a rapport with a potential client is a tried and tested sales technique as it allows you to create a  bond with said potential client  and what better way than to be able to communicate with them in their first language.

 3.  Business Globalization

Whether you have 5 or 50 employees having staff that can speak more than one language is the only way you are going to bring your business to a global level. Having this function as a company allows you to reach global markets and then for your clients to reach a global market. It drives business, increases reach not only for your clients but for your client’s clients.

 4.  More efficient

 There has been numerous studies that show that employees whom speak more than one language fluently are better at effectively multitasking and in general are more productive than those who are not. Therefore being Multilingual as a company does not only mean putting your business on a global level, reaching a wider audience but also means that on average having a more efficient work force.

 5.  More Diverse Environment

Aside from all the great benefits listed above to having a multilingual company there is also the fact that the work environment will be much more diverse , interesting and cultural. This is a benefit to any company in any industry as a positive, vibrant and interesting work environment is key to having happy staff.


 However an obstacle lies within actually recruiting the right staff to allow your company to flourish, if you simply do not have the time or resources to invest in a multilingual team right now you may have another option.

 Outsourcing to a company like P2M, allows you to reap most of the benefits such as reach and globalization of your business at a fraction of the cost and much quicker than to start creating your multilingual team from scratch.

 We have employees that collectively can speak up to 11 native languages and a reach of up to 16 European countries. That means we can take your business to the next level for you. If this is of interest to you, you can call us at 01 5445775 or email us at info@product2market.ie. We would love to hear from you.